See Again International Vision

SAI looks forward to addressing requests for assistance as possible.

See Again International looks to the future

Dr Cohn says, “After the first fifty thousand eye operations, one can reminisce on endless little memories which make the work all quite compelling. Few people have the privilege to know the satisfaction which we, the Eyecare team, are granted by this work. The work satisfaction transcends the frustrations and distress and the metaphysical puzzlement of why some should be so disadvantaged by life.


In Cambodia, Geoff wearing his lime-green Geoff-size slippers celebrates eyesight restoration with deserving people

See Again International is a practical exercise in practical intervention, and the results are very evident.  We will continue to act as our skills, resources, and conscience permit. Your support will help this very worthwhile cause. We thank you for your kindness!”

Recent Achievements

In 2020 SAI supplied glaucoma-treatment lasers to African eye surgeons after ophthalmologists from Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi, Kenya and Nigeria were accorded glaucoma fellowships in Australia. All requested the technology for selective laser trabeculoplasty. SAI procured sponsorship and delivered the initial SLT lasers with Dr Geoff Cohn installing one in Addis Ababa. The pandemic necessitated SAI sending another laser to Lagos by courier. We hope to be able to sponsor more lasers that are critically valuable in glaucoma management.

In 2019 an eye surgeon in northern Ghana faced a financial crisis that could have destroyed his superlative service to four million needy people. SAI found a willing philanthropist who rescued this project.

From time to time, SAI procures and sends equipment to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Cambodia and India. Over the years, SAI has delivered five full-size containers full of valuable equipment to Myanmar.